Stop global warming, video

This video says about itself:

Nov 29. With Love and Hope. We #ClimateMarch

18 November 2015

On the eve of the most important global climate meeting of our lifetime, hundreds of thousands are hitting the streets worldwide, with love and hope, to show leaders how to lead, and fight for a beautiful, equitable, post-fossil fuel 100% clean energy future. Find your march here:

Military forces – a linchpin of the global fossil fuel economy – can no longer hide their guilt over damage to our planet, writes NICK BUXTON: here.

20 thoughts on “Stop global warming, video

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  3. Dear Avaazers,

    The Global Climate March just started with 60,000 beautiful people marching in Melbourne! This is going to be massive. And the head of the UN climate talks just confirmed that videos of our marches will play on a huge screen as Heads of State walk into the Paris climate conference on Monday!

    Join the Amsterdam march today and help make this an epic, record breaking day of action everywhere. Here’s the information:

    When: 29 November, 12:00
    Where: Museumplein, Amsterdam

    Here’s the link to the Facebook event page:
    And here is the event page if you don’t have Facebook:

    The more joy, hope, and people we get on the streets today, the more impact we will have on Monday — the most crucial day in the most important climate summit this generation has ever seen.

    See you in the streets…for 100% clean, for 100% of our world, for everything we love.

    Danny, David, Alice, Rewan, Marigona, Nataliya and the entire Avaaz team


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