Stop Pegida neo-nazis in Utrecht, the Netherlands

German Pegida fuehrer Lutz Bachmann, disguising himself as Adolf Hitler

From the Dutch Facebook page BLOCK PEGIDA! No racism, no Islamophobia:

Sunday 11 October 2015, o’clock noon. Neude, Utrecht

To avoid confusion: there are three initiatives against Pegida. This blockade is one of them. “Laat Ze Niet Lopen” also calls for actions: here.

And the International Socialists are organising a demonstration on Janskerkhof at 1pm: here.

The extreme right group Pegida will come to Utrecht on Sunday 11 October to demonstrate. We can not let that happen! Join us and make a stance against racism and Islamophobia: at 12 o’clock we will block the Neude square where Pegida thinks they can demonstrate.

*Violent neonazis*

Pegida is the new version of “eigen volk eerst” (“own people first”). The group has been founded in Germany in 2014 and ever since it is known as a hot spot for neonazis and fascist activists. Ever since they started, notorious neonazis – among them convicted terrorists – have participated in Pegida demonstrations. [1] In December Pegida members attacked thirty migrants after a demonstration. [2] Pegida still welcomes these people to their demonstrations.

Sunday 11 October is the first time Pegida will try to take to the streets in the Netherlands. Their political line is clear: Tommy Robinson [not his real name, which is Stephen Lennon], founder of the English Defense League (EDL), will come to make a speech (if we allow this to happen). Also EDL demonstrations often resulted in violence. [3] Robinson himself has been arrested multiple times and since September he’s suspected to have attacked a Muslim. [4]

German Pegida founder and leader Lutz Bachmann too thinks he can come and spread his racist ideas in Utrecht. He has always been controversial because of his criminal background [5] and because he thinks it is appropriate to pose as a fascist mass murderer. [6]

And then there is Edwin Wagensveld, who is trying to set up Pegida in the Netherlands. The controversial trader in illegal weapons is known as a Nazi friend and he is the one who tries to organize the demonstration in Utrecht. [7]

Despite all this the group still tries to present itself as a moderate, non-violent group of concerned citizens. On their Facebook page they claim to be against violence, but that’s an attempt to keep up appearances for the media. Even though the organisers claim not to accept hateful language, their Facebook page turns out to be an open platform for outright racism, xenophobia and Islamophobia.

*No fascists in Utrecht!*

Pegida is a typical extreme right attempt to create an image of fear of migrants and Muslims. In reality it is groups like Pegida who are the real danger for an open and inclusive society. In Germany, where Pegida has manifested itself successfully, racist and xenophobe violence has become a common thing: this year alone there has been an attack on migrants almost each day, ranging from graffiti texts to arson and physical attacks on persons. [8]

We will not let this happen here! We accept no fascists in Utrecht! We stand for a city where people are welcome regardless of their skin colour, ethnic background or religion. This means a city where the extreme right will not be accepted. To prevent Pegida from gaining but a centimeter of space, we will block the Neude square from 12 o’clock! For this we need your help! Invite your friends and join in the blockade. Together we will make a strong stance against racism, Islamophobia and extreme right violence.

*Practical stuff*

During the day ACU (Voorstraat 71) will be opened as an info point, from 11:00 am, all day long. If things get chaotic, if you get lost, you can always return to the ACU.

Beware: there is the possibility of violent extreme right people showing up. It is wise to chose one or more buddies to team up with at the blockade. Make sure you are not on your own on your way there, and also leave together afterwards.

Check out this Facebook event regularly for more info.

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