Labour-Conservative coalition government in Britain?

This video from England says about itself:

24 September 2014

91-year-old war veteran Harry Smith at the Labour Party Conference with an NHS speech that leaves delegates in tears.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

SNP leaps on mooting of grand coalition with Tories

Tuesday 3rd march 2015

LABOUR’S opponents leapt yesterday on MP Gisela Stuart’s call for the party not to rule out a “grand coalition” with Tories.

Such a coalition would come after years of Tony Blair‘s ‘new’ Labour in government, with policies of war and increasing inequality, rather similar to Conservative policies. Such a coalition would come after a joint Labour-Conservative campaign (also including the Conservatives’ junior partner in government, the Liberal Democrats) against Scottish independence.

Such a coalition would strongly reinforce ideas, already present, among many voters that whichever of the major established political parties you vote for, you will always get the same austerity for less well off people (though it may be ‘austerity lite’ in some cases); you will always have to pay billions in taxes for Trident nuclear weapons; you will always have to pay for wars.

Ms Stuart insisted Ed Miliband should “not dismiss the possibility of a grand coalition” in the event of a hung parliament after the general election in an interview with the Financial Times published at the weekend.

The Birmingham Edgebaston MP based her suggestion on the situation in her native Germany.

Chancellor Angela Merkel is leading a “grand coalition” government between her Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats — the third of its kind since 2005.

Ms Stuart said: “When you have to make very difficult decisions, the broader the baseline from which you work, the more you are able to do these things.

“If no party has won an overall majority then it will have to work with another party. And as you work through the options, do not rule out that you have a grand coalition.”

Her comments angered grassroots Labour members and her fellow MPs alike.

And the SNP — also tipped to be around a Cabinet table with Ed Miliband — seized on them yesterday, with Westminster leader Angus Robertson saying it was more proof Labour is “hand in glove with the Tories.”

He added: “It’s no great surprise to see yet another senior figure in the party call for this toxic alliance to continue.”

It comes after Labour Lord Moonie wrote on Twitter that a coalition with the Tories “would be better than one with the SNP.”

This makes one wonder whether that Lord Moonie (Baron Moonie, to be specific) is really a ‘Moonie‘, a supporter of the ‘Unification Church’ cult [sarcasm off].

A reaction on the LabourList in Britain to Ms Stuart’s proposal:

This would destroy the Labour party / millions of Labour voters would walk away and never return. DON’T DO IT.

From the New Statesman in Britain:

Let’s rule one thing out: a “grand coalition” between Labour and the Tories

A comment on that New Statesman article:

The Blairites’ dream, a coalition with their natural allies. They might even get to resurrect dead ducks like ID cards.

4 thoughts on “Labour-Conservative coalition government in Britain?

  1. Labor or Conservative? its all the same party, other than in name and the sentiment of memory, a history of differences that to day no longer exists, a tribute to words no longer having any meaning.


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