40 thoughts on “Scotland not independent, close referendum vote

  1. YOUTH: The record 84 per cent referendum turnout proved votes at 16 should be introduced across Britain, politicians said yesterday.
    More than 100,000 16 and 17-year-olds snapped up the chance to register.
    Green Party leader Natalie Bennett said the case had “definitively been made” to extend the franchise in England and Wales in time for next May’s general election.

    SOCIAL MEDIA: Yes Scotland may have lost their battle for independence — but their committed campaigners won the Twitter war.
    The social network revealed yesterday that users posted more than 1.5 million messages backing the Yes campaign compared to 500,000 for No.
    Andy Murray’s pro-Yes tweet was the most shared on referendum day with more than 18,000 retweets.

    CONSTITUTION: The anti-monarchy cause will be “spurred on” by the huge participation in the independence campaign, Republic chief executive Graham Smith said yesterday.
    He said: “People now have a taste of the excitement and inspiration of a real democratic moment.”
    In Northern Ireland, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuiness called yesterday for a border poll on a united Ireland.



  2. Scotland offered independence on a plate? how could the contemporary Scot turn his back on the ancestors who spilt copious blood to resist enslavement, what has gone wrong with psyche of the Scot? the decision left is for the future youth and not the wimps of Scotland having not enough pride to resist?


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  5. SCOTTISH GREENS: Alison Johnstone MSP called yesterday for the Smith Commission on devolution to involve as many of the public as possible.

    The referendum debate had “shown us that democracy begins at street level,” she said.

    Like the SNP, the Greens have grown massively since September 18’s vote — with nearly 4,000 new members taking total membership to over 5,600.



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  7. MANAMA, Bahrain, Oct 26 (NNN-BNA) – Bahrain King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, has received a letter of thanks from Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, in response to a letter sent by the King, which expressed his support for a strong United Kingdom, following the Scottish Referendum last month.

    In her letter, Queen Elizabeth II thanked the King for his kind message, and extended her warmest good wishes to the King and to his family.

    The close friendship and historic relationship between the United Kingdom and the Kingdom of Bahrain, extends for more than two centuries.

    The two nations are currently preparing for the bicentenary celebration of formal ties established in the early 1800’s.– NNN-BNA



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