38 thoughts on “Afghanistan, Iraq wars cost British, US taxpayers much

  1. The British, government who serves the 1% and are all entwined with the interests of this group are against the interests of the British public, as a result of propaganda to align the public to pay the money for these wars, in taxation, the 1%, make money out of this arrangement, people such as Blair would make big money on this type of campaign, another bonus for the rich, is it diverts public awareness as to who is who? that means the enemy is less in these oversea’s countries but are the elite at home.
    The crops such as those in Afghanistan, are a side line of the Western nations making money on these drugs, meaning in this case, opium or heroin, what little money the farmers make are then transferred into arms via, security agents such as the CIA, and MI6, that groups such as the Taliban needs, to keep atrocities going to justify overseas military action.
    The British public to a extent are capable, in as much as they are not making the effort to deal with the bad faith of their government, thus sharing in bad faith, whether in some way the public are unable to deal with writers on these issue’s as a result of not understanding in the way this is written, is questionable..


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