Little grebe and harbour porpoise in the rain

This is a ruddy turnstone video from the jetty of IJmuiden, the Netherlands. The video is from 2011, when it apparently was good weather. Unfortunately, we would find out such is not always the case …

On the morning of 21 February 2015, to the jetty of IJmuiden.

Before the arrival at the railway station, dunnock and song thrush singing.

Near the station, a ring-necked parakeet flying, calling.

In the harbour of IJmuiden, a little grebe, diving repeatedly.

Rain. Very much rain.

On a quay, turnstones and herring gulls of various ages.

In spite of the rain, we continued to the jetty. Great cormorants. A flock of brent geese flying.

There, another little grebe swam, which eventually managed to catch a small fish.

Near a great crested grebe, people saw a harbour porpoise surfacing a few times.

We continued. Oystercatchers. Mallards near the land wash.

A rock pipit flying nervously from jetty rock to jetty rock.

Then, the rain became too much. Glasses wet, binoculars wet, everything wet.

Still, we did not regret going there.

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