Little grebes and bearded reedlings

This video, by Luuk Punt, shows many common swifts over the Kennemermeer lake in the Netherlands; in June.

However, now it is 20 October 2013; the swifts probably are already in Africa. After the IJmuiden pier and its seabirds, we are back on land. To the Kennemermeer.

Near a restaurant, a magpie.

In the lake, herring gulls. A greater black-backed gull and a lesser black-backed gull swim next to each other, making it easy to see the difference.

Little grebes swimming.

Bearded reedlings fly past, making their typical sounds. Bearded reedling photos: here. And here.

A beautiful white flower: bog-star.

Starling flocks.

In one corner of the lake, scores of common pochards. They dive often.

On a fence, coral spot fungi.

Great tit sound.

20 thoughts on “Little grebes and bearded reedlings

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  3. OrnithoNieuws-lezers SCHRIJVEN :

    Beste Nico,

    Het was een prachtige zonnige dag, we besloten naar Rietputten in
    Vlaardingen te gaan om Baardmannen en vrouwen te spotten.
    Nou dat lukte.
    Hierbij een foto van een Baardman in het zonnetje.
    Onze dag was goed!
    Met vriendelijke groeten,
    M.J. van der Hee

    Nico: dat is heel mooi en ook nog superscherp!!!!!!!!


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