2015, Year of Vincent van Gogh, and of the Badger

This video is about 2015, the Year of Vincent van Gogh.

Van Gogh the preacher? New show to explore artist’s life before painting: here.

2015 is not just the Year of Vincent van Gogh. And the Year of the Penny Bun for mycologists. And the Year of the Goat in the Chinese calendar (starting on 19 February).

The Dutch mammal society has made 2015 the Year of the Badger. Various activities are planned. Like counting badgers; a new book about badgers; telling young people about badgers; and promoting more tunnels under roads, preventing badgers and other animals from becoming roadkill.

This video from England is about wild badgers, filmed in south Lincolnshire woodland.

2014 had been the Year of the Red Squirrel in the Netherlands; a successful year.

14 thoughts on “2015, Year of Vincent van Gogh, and of the Badger

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