Ferguson solidarity in Britain

This 26 November 2014 video from Britain is called London to Ferguson: Crowd protesting police racism tears down Parliament Square barriers.

From Searchlight magazine in Britain:

24 January to 4 February: Ferguson Solidarity UK tour

Monday, 19 January 2015 11:06

Reverend Osagyefo Sekou, a leading figure in the #blacklivesmatter protests that have rocked cities across the US, is coming to the UK this week for a Ferguson solidarity tour.

Rev. Sekou grew up in St Louis, Missouri, and was arrested twice in the aftermath of the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO. for “praying while black” at protests over the death of Michael Brown in August.

He will be touring the country between 24 January and 4 February speaking alongside prominent campaigners over deaths in custody in Britain, including: Carole Duggan, aunt of Mark DugganMarcia Rigg, sister of Sean Rigg; and Adrienne Makenda Kambana, widow of Jimmy Mubenga who will be speaking publicly for the first time since 3 G4S guards were cleared of the manslaughter of her husband.

Events will take place in Brixton, Birmingham, Brighton, Leeds, Luton, Manchester, Oxford, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Tottenham where Sekou will return having visited in 2011 and attended Mark Duggan’s funeral. See full listing here.

The tour also includes a meeting at the Houses of Parliament with Adrienne Makenda Kambana and Diane Abbott MP on Monday 26 January and a lawyers briefingon the issue with Leslie Thomas QC, whose cases include Azelle Rodney, alongside Deborah Coles of INQUEST.

It will finish in Leeds for an event hosted by the David Oluwale Association dedicated to educating people about the life and death of David Oluwale. Two police officers were acquitted of the manslaughter of David Oluwale but were imprisoned for assaulting him: the first and last time that police officers have been successfully prosecuted in relation to a death in custody.

We invite everyone to come to your nearest event and take part in the discussions about what’s happening in the US and the UK and how we can be part of galvanising support for families and others who have suffered injustice at the hands of the state and want to end a culture of impunity that protects the police here.

More information here.

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