Dutch museum buys third Van Gogh

Van Gogh's Still life with bottles and seashell

Dutch NOS TV reports today that this 1884 painting by Vincent van Gogh, Still life with bottles and seashell, was bought by the Noordbrabants Museum in Den Bosch city.

Until recently, that museum was not particularly conspicuous or rich. However, in 2016 they organized the big Hieronymus Bosch exhibition which attracted much attention.

Also in 2016, they bought their first Van Gogh ever: the watercolour The garden of the parsonage in Nuenen.

Van Gogh's watercolour bought by museum

That 1885 watercolour cost a million euro. The museum had never before bought an art work more expensive than 200,000 euro.

Van Gogh, The water mill at Kollen

In 2017, they bought The water mill at Kollen, made by Van Gogh in 1884, for three million euro.

The most recent buying of the Still life with bottles and seashell cost 2,5 million euro.

Much money as that is, it is still comparatively cheap for Van Gogh works. These three Van Goghs are from the beginning of the painter’s career, when his work was not yet as colourful as later.

Yet, once again, some people now made lots of money from Van Gogh’s work, in stark contrast to the artist himself when he was alive.

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