Van Gogh, Goltzius, paintings exhibition

This 2014 video from the USA is called North Meets South: Goltzius and Rubens.

There is an exhibition of Dutch and Flemish paintings and drawings. These works of art are not often seen in public, as they are in a private collection, the collection Piet de Boer. They are from the sixteenth century (Hendrick Goltzius) to the late nineteenth century (Vincent van Gogh).

Other artists represented include Cornelis Van Haarlem, Hendrick Avercamp, Jan van Goyen and Jacob de Gheyn. And Jan Brueghel the Elder, who cooperated with Peter Paul Rubens.

Until 8 March 2015, this exhibition was in Paris. Now, these 95 drawings and 20 paintings are exhibited in Amsterdam. At Herengracht 512. It will start tomorrow, and will be there for one month.

19 thoughts on “Van Gogh, Goltzius, paintings exhibition

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