Poetry, music and fair food

Vincent van Gogh, The potato eaters

Today, I went to the Fair Food Feast to read some of my poems. There were various stands of organisations promoting more environmentally responsible food. There was poetry too. First by P.M. Delèfre from Haarlem. He read a long poem on fair food, which, according to the poem, had been invented by the “Potato Eaters“, depicted by Vincent van Gogh.

Then, yours truly. My first poem was the only one about food (greenbottle flies‘ food). Next, a poem on a dragonfly and birds dying in the BP oil disaster. Then, a poem about the word “New”; and one about a botanical garden. Finally, a poem about a ladybug.

After me, Ms Bessie Schadee was on stage for a lecture on permaculture. However, there was no microphone on our upper floor. While downstairs, a band played with electric amplifiers. So, acoustics were a problem.

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