Student Leonarda can return to France, her family cannot

Leonarda, AFP photo

As this blog has noted, many thousands of students and other people in France are protesting against governmental deportations of refugees.

Especially of fifteen-year-old Roma secondary school student Leonarda Dibrani. She was kidnapped from a school bus, and deported to Kosovo; where her family does not understand the language, and the ruling political party persecutes Roma.

A French government committee has now said that police should not have arrested Leonarda in a school bus, and that similar things should not happen again.

French President Hollande has said that Leonarda can return to France to finish her school. Leonarda’s family, Hollande said, should stay in dangerous Kosovo though. Leonarda has refused that offer.

Thousands of school students took to the streets of Paris during a second day of protests: here.

Violent attack on Leonarda’s family in Kosovo: here.

6 thoughts on “Student Leonarda can return to France, her family cannot

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