Versatile Blogger Award, thanks esraaysu!

Versatile Blogger Award

esraaysu of nightwithdeer blog has been so generous to nominate Dear Kitty. Some blog for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Thank you so much, my dear blogger friend!

The rules of this award are:

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Nominate 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award and include a link to their site (and tell them that you have nominated them).

3. State 7 things about yourself.


1. Where did most visits to my blog come from today so far?

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 63
Jamaica FlagJamaica 15
Australia FlagAustralia 15
Canada FlagCanada 8
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 6
France FlagFrance 4
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 3
Japan FlagJapan 2
Turkey FlagTurkey 2
India FlagIndia 2
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 2
Morocco FlagMorocco 1
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 1

2. Where did most visits to my blog come from this quarter?

Top Views by Country for 90 days ending 2013-10-22 (Summarized)

Country Views
United States FlagUnited States 17,305
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 7,840
Jamaica FlagJamaica 2,542
Canada FlagCanada 2,418
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 1,986
Australia FlagAustralia 1,747
India FlagIndia 1,429
France FlagFrance 1,111
Germany FlagGermany 1,096
Greece FlagGreece 1,056
Ireland FlagIreland 919
Bahrain FlagBahrain 597
Armenia FlagArmenia 534
Philippines FlagPhilippines 486
Belgium FlagBelgium 475
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 475
Italy FlagItaly 472
Sweden FlagSweden 451
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 429
Spain FlagSpain 420
Japan FlagJapan 384
Switzerland FlagSwitzerland 366
Romania FlagRomania 350
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 348
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 347
Singapore FlagSingapore 343
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 333
Turkey FlagTurkey 304
Pakistan FlagPakistan 245
Brazil FlagBrazil 225
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 224

3. Which blog posts attracted most visits so far today?

Title Views
Home page / Archives 22
Gannet, black guillemot and shag 5
Little grebes and bearded reedlings 5
Great tits of Vlieland island 4
Dutch troops to Mali war? 4
Pipits, turnstones and red knots 3
Edible dormice and a Rothschild millionaire 3
Poisonous caterpillars infest Spurn Point in England 3
‘Australian army explosives caused bush fire disaster’ 2
Coca-Cola kills Australian seabirds 2

4. Which blog posts attracted most visits this week?

Top Posts for 7 days ending 2013-10-22 (Summarized)

Title Views
Home page / Archives 499
Bahraini king’s sexual harassment of Lebanese singer 75
‘Australian army explosives caused bush fire disaster’ 62
Versatile Blogger Award, thanks Horty! 45
Poisonous caterpillars infest Spurn Point in England 36
Most hated animals top 50 35
Japanese forced prostitution women’s stories 35
About 32
Autumn mushrooms and birds 30
Music and Hitler’s Holocaust 30
Slavery in Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states 29
Fukushima workers becoming ill 27
Lesser Antillean iguana in danger 27
British farmland birds in trouble 26
USA: ancient Egyptian sarcophagus as corporate boss’ plaything 25
Walruses, dolphins and porpoises 25
No teargas for Bahraini dictatorship, Korean trade unions say 24
Poetry, music and fair food 24
Zambian lioness Lady Liuwa update 23
Dutch troops to Mali war? 23
Red squirrels playing, video 22
Young snails, video 21
Vietnamese napalm girl Kim Phuc speaking for peace in Belgium 21
Caribbean-British poet Peter Blackman’s book published at last 21
British governmental-corporate anti-immigrant witch-hunt distresses British citizens 21
Galapagos conservation news 20

5. Ideally, I would like to tag all my  blog posts. However, thousands of my older blog posts (pre-2011, from before my blog moved to WordPress) still have no tags. I want to change that, which goes surely, but rather slowly 🙂

6. I have 1,787 tags at my blog now. Sometimes, I find out that is a bit too much. Eg, yesterday I discovered that I had both “Botero” and “Fernando Botero” tags. I changed that, so now they are all “Fernando Botero.”

7. Which search terms brought most visitors to my blog, ever since it moved to WordPress in December 2011?

Search Terms for all days ending 2013-10-22 (Summarized)

Search Views
watergate scandal 365
prostitution in bahrain 343
iguana 325
atsinganosaurus velauciensis 256
napalm girl 244
poisonous caterpillars 220
iraq war 203
long tailed tit 194
cercopithecus lomamiensis 189
egyptian sarcophagus 186
bahrain prostitution 168
boy raped 166
night parrot 161
lady liuwa 156
great egret 144
largest centipede 138
wetland animals 136
caterpillars 133

My fifteen nominees are:

1. Andre Veloz’s Blog

2. Life Ever Changing

3. Kate Wanders

4. cancerkillingrecipe

5. hastywords

6. My Montreal Stories – by Dorothy Nixon

7. Sydney & Science

8. Escapism

9. a heartical view

10. Photography By: Meranda Roben O’Hara

11. The Hot Topic

12. Wild South

13. Shadow of Iris

14. somanywaystobegin

15. formy3kids

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