Record visitor numbers at my blog

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Yesterday, this blog got a new record of visits during one day: 673.

The week which ended yesterday also was the week with the most visits since my blog started here on WordPress in December last year.

I owe this mainly to my blog post on the dinosaur discovery in France.

Atsinganosaurus velauciensis excavation

Atsinganosaurus velauciensis died 75 million years ago. But after all that time, it still helped me. Thank you 🙂

Visitor numbers to this blog on WordPress have gradually gone up. However, they are usually still below my visitor numbers when I still blogged at Blogsome. I think that is maybe because in my older blog posts, internal links still point to my Blogsome URLs which do not exist any more. And Google seems to punish sites with non-working links by putting them lower in search results.

I will only be able to solve this problem gradually, as repairing all those links in my old blog posts is a lot of work.

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