New Van Gogh drawing discovered

Paris quarry by Vincent van Gogh

Translated from Dutch NOS TV:

Discovered: a new drawing by Van Gogh

Today, 10:00
Updated at 11:07

A drawing of a quarry in Paris is a real Van Gogh, experts have determined. Thanks to the discovery, a second drawing can also be attributed to the Brabant master. The work was presented this morning in the Singer Museum in Laren.

The drawing was made in 1886, the year that Van Gogh studied at the academy in Antwerp for some time. It is not a real preliminary study, but the drawing is strongly reminiscent of his oil painting The Hill of Montmartre. …

Although there are hundreds of drawings by Vincent van Gogh known, it is not often that new work is attributed to him. Since 1970, when a catalog was last made, nine drawings and seven paintings have been discovered.

With the drawing, two new works can actually be added to Van Gogh‘s oeuvre. A second drawing had been known for some time, but the identity of the maker was doubted because of the “academic character” of the work.

Hill of Montmartre by Vincent van Gogh

But the two drawings appear to have been made about fifty meters apart. With that now all doubt has been removed. …

The new discovery can be seen in the Singer Museum until 6 May, in addition to works by Monet, Renoir and Picasso, among others.

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