New Van Gogh painting discovered

Sunset at Montmajour, by Vincent van Gogh

Translated from NOS TV in the Netherlands:

Discovery of new Van Gogh

Monday Sep 9 2013, 10:53 (Update: 09-09-13, 13:31)

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam has discovered a new painting by Vincent van Gogh. Van Gogh made the work Sunset at Montmajour in 1888, ​​near Arles in southern France.

The museum speaks of a rare discovery. According to the museum this is a pivotal piece of work and a highlight in his oeuvre. In the same period he painted also work like Sunflowers, The Yellow House and The bedroom.


The canvas is owned by a private individual. It is not clear whether he knew that this was a canvas by Van Gogh. There has been much research on the relatively large painting, 93.3 by 73.3 centimeter.

The attribution to Van Gogh is based on extensive research on its style, technique, paint, cloth, representation and Van Gogh’s letters.

“Everything we found pointed out that this work was by Van Gogh. Stylistically and technically, there are numerous parallels with other Van Gogh paintings from the summer of 1888. Literature and archival research also helped us to find out about the earliest history of the painting. It was part of the collection of Theo van Gogh in 1890 and was sold in 1901,” the researchers say.


The location on the painting was recognized by the researchers. The scenery is not far from Arles near the Montmajour hill with the ruin of its eponymous abbey. There are two letters from the artist from the summer of 1888 which refer literally to the painting.

Van Gogh wrote in the letters that the work was a failure. This can be explained because the painting, besides strong and distinct features of Van Gogh also has weak and less convincing parts.

The work will be in a year-long exhibition at the Van Gogh Museum, starting 24 September. The museum has the canvas on loan from the owner. Whoever that is was not disclosed.

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In 1991, the Van Gogh Museum had already investigated this painting. Then, they concluded it was not a real Van Gogh.

Amsterdam Van Gogh museum reopening with new exhibition

This video, recorded in the Netherlands, says about itself:

April 29, 2013

The anniversary exhibition ‘Van Gogh at work’ shows many of Vincent van Gogh’s outstanding works to mark the conclusion of eight years research into the artist’s methods.


Van Gogh museum on target for May re-opening with jubilee show

Tuesday 02 April 2013

Work on refurbishing the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam has now been completed and the building is now being fitted out for the jubilee exhibition Van Gogh at Work, which will open on May 1, 2013, the museum authorities said on Tuesday.

The new show commemorates 160 years since the painter’s birth and marks the conclusion of seven years of research into Van Gogh‘s methods.

The refurbishment project has taken just seven months. Major works from the collection are on display at the Hermitage Museum on the Amstel river until April 25, pending the re-opening.

‘Against all expectations, we were even able to seize the opportunity to refurbish the floors, walls and ceilings so the building looks fresh again,’ said the museum’s new managing director Adriaan Dönszelmann.

Heat storage

The project involved installing a modern and sustainable air conditioning installation that allows the right climatic conditions to be set per room. A 160-metre-deep well was dug under the museum for heat and cold storage, collecting warmth in the summer and releasing it to heat the building in winter.

The roof has also been completely replaced and given extra insulation. In total, 2,300 m² of parquet flooring was renewed, 4,300 m² of ceiling replaced and 11,000 m² of walls painted, the museum said in a statement.

The newly refurbished Rijksmuseum is due to reopen later this month after a 10-year closure.

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Van Gogh internet game

This video says about itself:

Vincent Van Gogh has been spoofed many times by various artists. Here are some of the more outrageous spoofs, gathered from the Internet and set to music.

From Dutch Daily News:

Van Gogh Museum’s online game wins silver at European Design Awards

Posted on June 1, 2012

Camille’s diorama, the Van Gogh Museum’s online game for young children, won a silver European Design Award in Helsinki on Saturday 26 May 2012. In this game, children make a digital diorama using animations inspired by the paintings of Vincent van Gogh. Their guide is Camille Roulin, a young boy who was the subject of several portraits Van Gogh painted in 1888. One of these portraits is on display in the Van Gogh Museum. The web game was developed for the museum by Blue Caterpillar, creators of the successful Mijn naam is Haas cross-media concept for children aged 4 to 7. Camille’s diorama was made possible in part by financial support from the Annenberg Foundation (United States). The game can be played in English or Dutch at

The game Camille’s diorama is part of the Van Gogh Museum’s strategy to connect with audiences beyond the museum’s walls. Other examples of online outreach include participation in the Google Art Project and the development of the app Yours, Vincent.

Since their beginnings in early 2006, the annual European Design Awards have showcased the best of European communication design. As a joint initiative of fifteen leading European design magazines, the awards bring the work of the winning designers to the attention of a broad international public.

The Van Gogh Museum maintains and manages the world’s largest collection of Vincent van Gogh’s works and letters and makes his life and work and the art of his day and his contemporaries accessible to the greatest possible number of people.