Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Britain

This video from England says about itself:

24 June 2014

Racist vandals have devastated a Jewish cemetery in north Manchester – knocking down memorials and painting swastikas on gravestones.

The sickening anti-Semitic attack was discovered at the site on Rochdale Road in Blackley yesterday afternoon.

Police were called to the scene at 3.40pm and found that a number of gravestones had been toppled over and others had been daubed with Nazi symbols and other racist graffiti.

Officers believe the graves were vandalised between 4pm on Sunday and 3.30pm yesterday.

By Peter Lazenby in Britain:

Anti-fascists demand arrests over racist mosque and Jewish cemetery attacks

Wednesday 25th June 2014

ANTI-FASCISTS urged police yesterday to come up with arrests over the increasing attacks by racists on mosques and on Jewish cemeteries.

In one of the most recent attacks nazi swastikas and other anti-semitic graffiti was daubed on gravestones in a Jewish cemetery in Manchester, with some memorials toppled.

Police believe the attack happened between 4pm on Saturday and 3.30pm on Sunday last weekend. The attack is the most recent in a series at the cemetery in Rochdale Road, Blackley in Manchester.

Greater Manchester Police Inspector Mike Reid described the latest attack as “a sickening and cruel act of racism.”

But Gerry Gable, editor of respected anti-fascist magazine Searchlight said: “When are police going to make arrests?”

He warned that neo-nazi activity was continuing particularly through the activities of the British Movement, which was founded by the late Colin Jordan, and the Britain First organisation.

“The British Movement has a youth group. They are using Jordan’s writings to change and brainwash kids,” he said.

“They are clearly encouraged by lack of police activity in dealing with a whole series of very nasty attacks up and down the country.”

He said police in London were provided with video and other evidence of neo-nazi activities by some groups, but “nothing happened.”

Inspector Reid in Manchester said: “Extra patrols will be in the area in the coming days both to act as a visible deterrent and provide a visible presence for any concerned residents, and we will work with our partner agencies to investigate the matter.”

America’s hold overwhelming contempt toward Atheists & Muslims — and here are the biggest haters: here.

17 thoughts on “Anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in Britain

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  4. RACISM: Reports and comments on Muslims by the media and politicians are like the portrayal of Jews in nazi Germany, a Labour MP said yesterday.

    Yasmin Qureshi said very similar words to those used in nazi anti-Jewish propaganda were being used against Muslims in Britain.

    She claimed 99.9 per cent of coverage in newspapers and on TV is anti-Muslim, with “complete lies” published on front pages.


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  16. “Krab een racist of islamofoob en je vindt een vrouwenhater”. GeenStijl en het vrouwbeeld van extreem-rechts

    Het werd zelfs de neo-conservatieve auteur Joshua Livestro te gortig. Hij twitterde op 5 mei: “Rechtse logica: Marokkaanse hangjongeren roepen hoer = ‘einde beschaving’, reaguurders verkrachten vrouw verbaal = ‘vrijheid!’” Rechts haalt de vrijheid van meningsuiting van stal om haar vuilspuiterij ongehinderd de wereld in te kunnen slingeren. Als andersdenkenden zich daarop beroepen, is het einde der tijden nabij. Alles dat rechtse platforms als feit en mening verkondigen (beide zijn inwisselbaar) wordt door de makers en lezers gebagatelliseerd. “Het is gewoon kleedkamerhumor”, schreef een NRC-lezer. Oud-GeenStijl redacteur Annabel Nanninga zet haar eigen ervaringen in om de actie van meer dan honderd vrouwen uit media, politiek en kunst af te keuren als “laf en niet creatief”. Nanninga en met haar vele anderen verschuilen zich achter de grondwet om seksisme en racisme goed te praten en vrij te pleiten. Het oproepen tot virtueel verkrachten moet gewoon kunnen. “Daar moet een piemel in”, lijkt het motto van (extreem-)rechts te zijn. Lees meer:


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