Latvian nazi attack on Jewish graves

The Jewish Cemetery of Vishki, Latvia. May 2008 from Christine Usdin on Vimeo.

From Ynetnews in Israel today:

Latvia: Swastikas drawn on graves in Jewish cemetery

The Jewish cemetery in Riga, Latvia has been desecrated, with swastikas drawn on 100 gravestones. The local police launched an investigation.

The cemetery was defiled in the past, about seven years ago. Five youths convicted of the act were sentenced to prison terms raging from six months to three years.

Apparently, Latvian nazis, now that an SS veteran and neo-fascist chairs a Latvian parliamentary committee, think it is safe to commit crimes again.

From BSR Russia:

Russia supports European Union’s condemnation of Holocaust

Written by Sayan Guha on Sunday, 05 December 2010 08:18

Moscow has shown solidarity with the European Union’s rebuff to the recent news article that appeared in Lithuanian press.

In a recent newsbyte the publication had termed the Holocaust as ‘legend’ and the Nuremberg war crime trials as ‘farcical’. Moscow has openly condemned such statements and expressed serious reservations about the news of former SS members conducting annual marches in some countries.

Clearing its position on such sensitive issues, Russia congratulated the EU ambassadors in Lithuania for taking a tough stand against the article published in the Veidass weekly magazine.

“We are glad to hear that finally our partners have responded to mass media publications in Lithuania and other Baltic countries that have whitewashed Nazi criminals. Russia calls for the counteracting of unscrupulous attempts to rewrite the history of World War II and encourage pro-Nazi supporters”, according to ITAR TASS. “This encroaches upon the memory of those who died during WWII and humiliated the feelings of WWII veterans, the statement added.

“There is no doubt that the Nuremberg Tribunal is a leading political and judicial achievement of the epoch”, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov had said on November 21, at the opening ceremony of Nuremberg Trials Museum. Lithuania, apparently don’t agree with Russia’s viewpoint.

“There is no other explanation for annual marches of former SS members in a number of European capital cities, prosecution of anti-fascist veterans or recognition of the swastika by a court as part of the cultural heritage of the Balts, Lavrov concluded.

Professor Dovid Katz of the World Without Nazism Movement thinks that Holocaust denial in the Baltic States is politically motivated.

“It’s a sort of by-product of a much wider problem that I call ‘Holocaust obfuscation’ – the movement in the Baltic states that does not deny the Holocaust, but tries to write it out of history, minimize it, trivialize it, relativize it,” said Katz.

“Its intellectuals, politicians, academics, media people, who are ultranationalists, don’t want any stain on their history. And are confusing it with current political issues, trying to use Holocaust issues in East-West relations as a stick against today’s Russia”, he added.

Efraim Zuroff, Head of the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles, California thinks that the EU has to stand up against distortion of History.

“I think that this is an outgrowth of an atmosphere in Lithuania in which the narrative of the history of the WWII is being consistently distorted. I think it’s high time that the countries of Europe, the countries of the world, of the civilized world make clear to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia and these other post-communist countries that the attempt to distort the history of the Holocaust will not be tolerated, the attempt to equate communist and Nazi crimes will not be tolerated.”

“You cannot say and you can’t minimize the role of the Soviet Union in the victory over Nazi Germany and you can’t try and claim that the people that liberated Auschwitz were just as responsible for its establishment and the mass murder that went on there”, he said.

The news of placards and flags with Nazi symbolism appearing in the streets of the capital of Lithuania (Vilnius) surfaced at the end of April. Lithuanian nationalists conducted the provocative action to mark Hitler’s birthday. Flags with Nazi swastika were found on April 20 on Tauro mountain in Vilnius: here.

Vandals in Poland destroy six Jewish gravestones: here.

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12 thoughts on “Latvian nazi attack on Jewish graves

  1. Administrator on December 9, 2010 at 2:17 pm said:

    Lithuanian historian quits after Holocaust article

    by: AFP Updated: 25/Nov/2010 18:10

    VILNIUS (AFP)—A Lithuanian historian quit his civil service job Thursday after seven ambassadors from fellow European nations accused him of denying the Holocaust.

    Lithuania’s interior ministry said that Petras Stankeras, an independent historian who also held a middle-ranking post in its planning department, had left at his own request.

    Interior Minister Raimundas Palaitis said Stankeras’s views were personal.

    “Such interpretations have nothing in common with the position of the interior ministry with regard to the Jewish genocide,” Palaitis said in a statement.

    The announcement came a day after the ambassadors of Britain, Estonia, Finland, France, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden slammed an article by Stankeras in the mainstream weekly Veidas on the Nuremberg trials, where the victorious Allies tried top Nazi German officials after World War II.

    Stankeras wrote that the trials “provided a legal basis to the legend about the six million purportedly murdered Jews”.

    The ambassadors blasted Stankeras in a letter to the interior ministry dated November 24 and obtained by the Baltic News Service on Thursday.

    “This amounts to denial of the Holocaust and merits the strongest condemnation,” they said.

    They also chastised Lithuanian authorities for failing to react rapidly, and questioned Veidas’s publication of the article.

    But Gintaras Sarafinas, the magazine’s editor-in-chief, said neither Veidas nor Stankeras denied the Holocaust, and blamed a style error.

    “Our weekly does not deny the Holocaust, never did and never will. The author, who is a professional historian, only wanted to discuss the number of victims,” Sarafinas told AFP.

    “We admit that the sentence is wrong stylistically, as the word ‘purportedly’ should have been elsewhere,” he added.

    In a statement, Efraim Zuroff of the Jerusalem-based Simon Wiesenthal Center said Stankeras should be prosecuted under Lithuania’s Holocaust-denial law.

    He also called the article “only the tip of a very dangerous iceberg of lies and distortion”, saying the nation of 3.3 million was failing to live up to its past.

    Pre-war Lithuania was home to 220,000 Jews, but 95 percent perished during the 1941-1944 German occupation at the hands of the Nazis and local collaborators.


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