British royals’ racist friends

This video from Britain is called King Henry VIII, The Mind of a Tyrant Part 1.

This video is the sequel.

The British royal family once had a king, Henry VIII, who had two of his wives beheaded. His daughter, who eventually succeeded him as ruler, had many people burned at the stake for being Protestant.

Well, OK, that was in the sixteenth century. In the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, there are several connections between the British royal family and Hitler’s nazis and other forms of racism and crime.

Ex-king Edward VIII and his wife Wallis Simpson meet and greet Adolf Hitler

This 20 October 2019 video says about itself:

The 1930s Were Not a Good Time for the British Royal Family

Britain was racked by devastating economic hardship in the 1930s and ordinary people began to take their anger out on what was seen as the ultimate symbol of entitlement: the British Royal family.

King Edward VIII was an admirer of Adolf Hitler.

Prince Philip, Prince Consort of the present Queen Elizabeth II, made racist comments on various occasions.

The brother of Prince William, expected to eventually succeed his grandmother Elizabeth II and his father Prince Charles on the throne, is Prince Harry. He wore a nazi uniform; called a Pakistani “Paki”; and killed a hen harrier, a protected bird, without being prosecuted for it.

Now, a news item relating to Kate Middleton, fiancée of Prince William. As if it is not enough that William and Kate plan to marry on Hitler’s wedding day

From the (Conservative) Daily Telegraph in England:

Kate Middleton’s friend questioned over ‘racist’ gun threat

A friend of Kate Middleton was interviewed under caution for claiming on Facebook that she planned to shoot illegal immigrants.

By Anita Singh 9:00AM GMT 31 Dec 2010

Emma Sayle, 32, posted a message that read: “Just had a two-hour shooting lesson. She will now be using this skill on the top of East London high rises to help with the UK’s illegal immigrant problem.”

One person who read the comment reported Miss Sayle to police. A file was sent to the Crown Prosecution Service but Scotland Yard said yesterday that the investigation has been dropped and no further action will be taken.

Miss Sayle is the leader of The Sisterhood, an all-female rowing crew which counted Miss Middleton among its members. …

In a second posting on Facebook, she wrote: “Just had a call from the old bill demanding I go in as someone has reported me for apparently making racist comments… hahaha… using my new found gun skills to control the UK’s illegal immigrant population is not what I call racist.”

Her Twitter page features a link to an article on a Right-wing website headed “Australia says no to Muslims“.

Miss Sayle, from Wandsworth, south-west London, is no stranger to notoriety – she runs an “upmarket” swingers’ club through her company, Killing Kittens, and describes herself as “one of the world’s leading sextrepreneurs”. …

Miss Middleton was a member of the crew until 2007, when she was forced to withdraw from a cross-Channel rowing attempt due to security concerns. Miss Sayle organised the event, which saw the crew set a new record for an all-female Channel crossing in a Chinese ‘dragon boat’.

Let us suppose for a moment that Miss Sayle would not be an Islamophobic friend of the fiancée of, monarchists hope, the future King of England. Let us suppose that she would be a 32-year old poor unemployed Muslim woman, who had written on Facebook that she had shooting lessons in order to kill non-Muslims.

By now, the police would have certainly jailed her; unlike the real Miss Sayle, whom they let off scot-free (like Prince Harry in the hen harrier case). The Murdoch and other Rightist media would be screaming to bring back the death penalty in England especially for that Muslim woman. Etc. Etc.

THE QUEEN was urged yesterday to make a personal statement regarding leaked footage showing her performing a nazi salute with her mother. Buckingham Palace is considering taking legal action and has launched an inquiry into how the 17-second black and white film from 1933 came into the hands of The Sun newspaper.

A grainy video—17 seconds long—was published as an exclusive on Saturday by Rupert Murdoch’s Sun newspaper, under the heading “Their Royal Heilness”, igniting a political firestorm. The film depicts a young Queen Elizabeth and members of her family giving a Nazi salute. Thought to have been taken in 1933, it shows the queen, then aged six, playing with her three-year-old sister Margaret, her mother and her uncle, then Prince Edward. Smiling at the camera, the queen’s mother makes a Nazi salute. Following her lead, Elizabeth mimics the salute, which is then repeated by her mother and uncle: here.

The fact that the Duke of Windsor, the man who had abdicated as King Edward VIII, was in fact an enthusiastic nazi who had made long-term plans with Hitler to become the German dictator’s puppet king of Britain and that it was Churchill who sought to hide that royal treason from the British public and the world: here.


3 thoughts on “British royals’ racist friends

  1. Monday 20th July 2015

    posted by Morning Star in Editorial

    ROYALIST sycophants seeking to divert embarrassment over images of the current queen as a child, her mother and her uncle delivering fascist salutes can’t agree on an excuse.

    Take your pick from it’s a wave not a salute, they were only larking around and, amazingly, that no-one could have predicted how the Hitler regime in Germany would turn out.

    Perhaps no-one predicted that the nazis would set up an industrialised extermination programme to rid Europe of Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals, Freemasons and other “subhumans.”

    But Hitler didn’t set the Holocaust in train immediately after he took power.

    As Pastor Niemoller recounted in his verse, “First they came for the Communists,” the organised working class had first to be smashed.

    Hitler said on May 2 1933: “We must close union offices, confiscate their money and put their leaders in prison. We must reduce workers’ salaries and take away their right to strike.”

    His regime’s brutal assault on working people followed Mussolini’s imposition of fascist dictatorship on the Italian working class and was supported by German big business and British finance capital.

    It is no secret that Edward VIII, the queen’s uncle, was a dyed-in-the-wool nazi suspected of leaking secrets to Germany and sent into diplomatic exile in Bermuda.

    But Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, the queen’s mother, despite later efforts to confect an image of her as a wartime symbol of national unity, was also ensconced in the pre-war “peace party” camp that sought accommodation with nazi Germany.

    She was closely involved with fellow appeaser Lord Halifax, whom she wished to see appointed prime minister rather than Winston Churchill, preferring a humiliating peace that would preserve the monarchy rather than Churchill’s vision of resistance until victory.

    Buckingham Palace is reportedly upset at this short piece of film coming to light and has hinted at legal action.

    Considerations of ownership and copyright are a smokescreen to cover up discomfort over evidence of the scale of royal family involvement with the peace party.

    Evidence exists in papers held by Oxford University’s Bodleian Library that should be published now, not held until 2037 as the palace insists.


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