22 thoughts on “Cameron’s office calls police to stop bishops’ letter on hunger

  1. We are fast becoming a Third World Nation in Britain with the already hard pressed vulnerable groups bearing the brunt of cuts. Yet the rich are given tax reductions and some are allowed to hold their money outside the UK to dodge taxes. Corporations that profit from trade here like Starbucks avoid paying tax on profits yet the Government don’t plug the loopholes. Have they forgotten who they work for?


  2. Not only Britain is becoming a third world country but also Australia, possible all of the first world will become the third world, this has been planned to happen by past governments, to further strengthen power of the government and the those who are all part of the elite, the undesirable consequence of the lower and middle classes threaten the elite, or are seen as a potential threat to power, its all part of a global plan, that was instigated some centuries ago, by the time this vision matures, all the dynamics of what once seemed a great idea will become obsolete.


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