David Cameron parody video

This video from Britain is a David Cameron parody.

From daily The Independent in Britain yesterday:

Conservative Party conference: David Cameron accidentally says Tories ‘resent’ the poor

Prime Minister David Cameron’s attempt to deliver a rousing speech at the Conservative Party conference backfired when he accidentally said the party ‘resents’ the poor.

In a speech which appeared to be an attempt to dispel the ‘nasty party’ label at a conference which has at times been made heavy with the talk of austerity, Mr Cameron tried to say that his party “represents” poor children who grow up on housing estates.

But instead, he said the Tories “resent the poor“. The slip-up quickly saw a barrage of tweets using #FreudianSlip appear on Twitter.

Named after psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, the term is used to name an error in a person’s actions, including their speech, which is interpreted as an interruption by the person’s subconscious and a reflection [of] their true feelings.

He went on to say: “For the teenagers who want to make something of their lives. This is who we resent.”

British Tory skills minister says he accidentally retweeted limerick saying opposition is ‘full of queers’ to his 17,300 followers: here.

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