8 thoughts on “British government makes LGBTQ people homeless

  1. people who have decided not to have any spirituality or seek goals such as the value of morals are and why they exist, here I mean morals rather than why we exist, are more likely to become derelict or prone to become a victim of homelessness, I had a phone call with my daughter tonight, and brought up the situation of gamblers, in the small town I live in we have a lot of gambling machines, it is obvious that if you are involved with this addiction you are a courting your future as a potential casualty of becoming a derelict,
    I am not moralizing as much as stating the obvious, the individual has the choice of making a decision as to whether they decide to become mindful or not, this is not a occult or mystical commitment, it is a possibility that any one can have as a aspect that resides in the human being, this is not to say you have to go to a university for formal education, many who have a this type of education also lack insight or the ability to develop what I have outlined, this is because their education has become so linear and specialized that they are no longer able in a position to grasp what I mean.


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