London workers sacked for not wasting food

This is a German video with English subtitles on the global waste of food.

In this Christmas season, poor people in Afghanistan, in Pakistan and in Greece cannot afford food. Some people there who can afford food throw some of it away.

So, the poor people go to garbage bins and rubbish dumps to eat. The food there may very well be contaminated with sick making, maybe even lethal germs or chemicals of the rest of the garbage.

Some corporate bosses in London, England want to make sure that discarded food is not eaten hygienically, but from hazardous garbage cans. They seem to say: “Let them eat cake, fished out of stinking rubbish”. A variant on what Queen Marie Antoinette said about poor people just before the French revolution … well, she seems to have never really said it … like many quotes ascribed to famous people are not really by those people.

From weekly Socialist Worker in Britain:

Tue 11 Dec 2012

Spied on and fired for not wasting food

Regulars at a Greggs’ bakery shop in south London were shocked to find all the staff had been suspended overnight last week—for taking food destined for the bin.

One worker wrote on an online forum, “I was one of those suspended because I took four cakes home. They had CCTV fitted in and didn’t say anything to the staff.” Greggs would not say how many had been fired.

Food waste in Britain and the first social supermarket: here.

Christmas on the dole for the disabled workers at Remploy: here.

16 thoughts on “London workers sacked for not wasting food

  1. This is such a shame – I have seen the huge huge piles of fresh bread being binned in Austria – even have the proof of that – this food is not junk and use by date is not the end of food !! The fresh bread has a more to it and by the end of the evening it is not soiled. I so wish how these breads can feed poor and needful people.

    Where in the world is this right !??
    People are blind !!


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