Robin singing, butterfly flying at cemetery

This video is called Brimstone Butterflies; Gonepteryx rhamni.

Now, a wildlife report.

This time, not from Costa Rica (many more will appear on this blog, but thousands of photos, some good, some not so good, still have to be sorted out. So, please be patient).

Today, I went to the cemetery not far away.

A chaffinch sings.

A wood pigeon flies into a tree.

A blackbird sings.

Two carrion crows in a tree.

Great spotted woodpecker sound.

Nuthatch sounds. One of them climbing on the lower part of a small tree.

A chiffchaff sings.

A jay on a tree.

A brimstone butterfly flying.

Great tit sound.

A robin sings from the top of a tombstone close to me.

Nine magpies together in a treetop.

As I leave, a male chaffinch on the ground.

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21 thoughts on “Robin singing, butterfly flying at cemetery

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