Chiffchaff at the cemetery

This video says about itself:

Getting to grips with warblers 1: Chiffchaff Vs Willow Warbler

This bird ID video gives useful tips on how to distinguish between Willow Warbler and Chiffchaff. It is one of a series of bird ID videos produced by the BTO. To see more videos giving help with tricky bird IDs visit

This afternoon, in a holly tree near the entrance of the cemetery, a chiffchaff calling and singing.

As is typical for this species, it moved fast from branch to branch, trying to catch insects.

Maybe, in a few days time, this bird will be on its autumn migration to Morocco.

A few days ago, also at the cemetery, a robin on top of a tombstone.

8 thoughts on “Chiffchaff at the cemetery

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