17 thoughts on “40% of food wasted in the USA

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  3. Stop this waste

    By SHAHLAA AHMED , Posted on » Saturday, July 05, 2014

    FOOD wastage will increase by 25 per cent during Ramadan because people develop unhealthy and wasteful eating habits, according a top environmentalist.

    Supreme Council for Environment waste disposal unit head Rehan Ahmed said disposal of large quantities of food will pose serious environmental problems, including vermin and insect infestations in residential areas.

    He said demand for meat and chicken during Ramadan also increased by around 50pc from the normal rate, which he said was already high.

    “The consumption of other related food items like vegetables, fruits and dairy products also increases during Ramadan,” he told the GDN.

    “The enormous food waste generation can be witnessed at all levels from the wholesaler to retailer and to the consumers.

    “It is environmentally and morally considered offensive that as a society we have become so casual about the basic raw materials of life.

    “Over the years, society and people have become more wasteful due to rise in income, living standards and affordability, but affording does not mean that wastage, especially of food, should increase.”

    Mr Ahmed said a spike in food consumption was caused by Bahrain’s rapidly growing population and increase in living standards.

    “Food consumption in Bahrain is projected to grow by 5pc from 671,000 tonnes in 2011 to 814,000 tonnes in 2015,” he said.

    “Like other GCC countries, Bahrain is heavily dependent on the import of meat, poultry, fruits and vegetables to cater to its local consumption.

    “It is generating huge quantities of municipal waste, which is around 4,200 tonnes per day.

    “The organic component of municipal waste is around 60pc and it is estimated that over 300 tonnes per day of organic food waste is being generated in the country, which constitutes around 11pc of the total municipal waste.”

    Mr Ahmed said one of the dire consequences of throwing away food was the creation of swarms of insects.

    “While the dumping of food and other organic waste poses many serious environmental problems like attracting birds, proliferation of vermin and insects, occupying valuable land resources and generation of greenhouse gases, the major problem is huge waste of money as foreign exchange in procuring the expensive food items that are mainly imported from nearby countries.”

    He explained that every tonne of wasted food was equivalent to 4.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide.

    He urged people to better plan their meals and make grocery lists to avoid preparing food in large quantities and throwing them out.

    “Before going shopping, check what quantities of food items you have at home and what expected quantities will be used,” he said.

    “Buy food items, especially fruits and vegetables, in smaller quantities depending on use and follow the approach of all food utilisation, once it is prepared and served. “Eat or give leftover food to others before it becomes rotten and inculcate good food utilising and storage habits among children and juniors.”



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  5. Dear friends,

    It’s a recipe to feed the world — stop wasting a third of all the food we grow, and stop tens of millions of children going to bed hungry each night.

    The ingredients are all there — an amazing movement in France just won a law making supermarkets give unsold produce to the poor and homeless. The whole EU is consulting on how to stop supermarkets cancelling vast orders of food farmers have grown for them. And the UN is agreeing a goal to halve food waste.

    Timing is everything to get this recipe right. We already have a network of politicians ready to table legislation, we just need to build a huge push behind them. Let’s race to build a million-strong petition, submit to the EU consultation before it ends, then work with allies around the world till we win the laws we need. Add your name, then send this to everyone you’ve shared a meal with:


    For 15 years I and the organization I founded, Feedback, have battled the supermarkets’ scandalous levels of waste. In Kenya, we discovered that up to half the veg grown for Western supermarkets is destroyed. Supermarkets say the produce is the wrong shape or colour, or cancel entire orders when they’re ready to ship.

    I’ve met day labourers working for less than $2 a day, who say they don’t get paid when orders are cancelled: they can’t send their children to school or feed them. Some farmers even have to sign contracts preventing them from giving out the food for free to those who need it.

    In the UK it is now illegal for supermarkets to mistreat farmers in these ways. A regulator has powers to receive anonymous complaints from farmers and fine supermarkets up to 1% of their turnover. Already the biggest supermarket, Tesco, is under investigation, and we’re taking the message to other supermarket bosses.

    The UN is agreeing a goal to halve global food waste by 2030, and opportunities are coming thick and fast. The EU is running a consultation on how to stop supermarkets’ unfair trading practices as part of a new plan to reduce waste across the continent. The UK and France have started to show what’s possible, and politicians in Berlin, Brussels, Madrid and Washington DC are already pushing for change. Now it’s up to us to give them a huge public mandate to win the laws we need to end food waste. Add your name:


    Nothing is more central to how we live as a global human race than finding ways to feed everyone. If we now join together the burgeoning food waste movement and the Avaaz community around the world, we can feed the hungry and remove the huge pressure on poor farmers and our precious environment.

    With hope,

    Tristram Stuart, with the Feedback and Avaaz teams


    Putting a stop to global food waste (Feedback)

    EU supermarkets blamed for Kenya food waste (Al Jazeera)

    France to force big supermarkets to give away unsold food to charity (The Guardian)

    France Wants To Forbid Supermarkets To Destroy Unsold Food (Huffington Post)

    5 Amazing Strategies to Eliminate Food Waste and Feed the Hungry (Time)

    EU circular economy consultation launched (Letsrecycle.com)

    Tesco probed by new regulator (BBC)


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