14 thoughts on “Fresh food wasted amidst hunger

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  2. This is a subject I speak of often when I see so much being wasted. It strikes me as an oxy moron when restaurants especially toss out so much food and we have so much homelessness and families starving. But the law dictates apparently that these companies cannot give the food to the homeless. Yet they think nothing of allowing them to eat out garbage containers.
    Sad sad day for the world.


    • Hi, I am not sure that laws always ban companies giving food to hungry people. I am not an expert in United States law, but maybe that is true in some states, but not in others. In this Georgia case, the supermarket managers apparently wanted to give the food to hungry people in the neighbourhood; and then not the government, but the Sun Trust Bank decided that the food would go to garbage cans instead. And then, the government used a massive police force to enforce that decision by the Sun Trust Bank.


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