Most popular wildlife photos and articles, March 2013

From Focusing on Wildlife blog:

April 01 2013

Most Popular and Widely-Read Articles in March 2013

During March our global team of wildlife photographers and authors published 198 articles in promoting the cause of wildlife conservation. The purpose of this review is to highlight the past month’s most popular and widely-read articles.

First prize goes once again to with Komodo and its Dragons, an article published in August last year and one which continues to stimulate great interest. Second prize goes to Alain Pascua for The Banquet and third prize to Ron McCombe for Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Skelleftea Sweden.

Komodo dragon

Komodo and its Dragons by Adam Riley

The Banquet by Alain Pascua

The Banquet by Alain Pascua

Golden eagles

Golden Eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) by Ron McCombe

Several of the more popular articles were written by guest authors from other blogs. The most widely-read article in this category was Animal torture, abuse called a ‘regular practice’ within federal wildlife agency written by Cristina Corbin.

  1. Animal torture, abuse called a ‘regular practice’ within federal wildlife agency » Focusing on Wildlife [372 Views]
  2. Rare, strange mammal caught on camera in Sumatra » [307 Views]
  3. Komodo and its Dragons » [211 Views]
  4. Frogs radio-tracked for first time in Madagascar » [193 Views]
  5. Best Photo of the Week Competition 30 Mar 2013 » Focusing on Wildlife [185 Views]
  6. The Banquet » Focusing on Wildlife [179 Views]
  7. Photographers threatening the already-maligned slender loris » Focusing on Wildlife [167 Views]
  8. New Study Finds Pesticides Leading Cause of Grassland Bird Declines » [161 Views]
  9. 62% of all Africa’s forest elephants killed in 10 years (warning: graphic images) » [160 Views]
  10. Birds on California Island Rebounding from Rat Devastation Following Eradication Effort » Focusing on Wildlife [158 Views]
  11. Snowy owl spotted in Cairngorms » [156 Views]
  12. Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Skelleftea Sweden » [137 Views]
  13. In East Africa: Empty Skies by Steve Zack » Focusing on Wildlife [128 Views]
  14. Ecuador Trip Report 2013 » [127 Views]
  15. What Pollution Looks Like » [126 Views]
  16. Birds, Bees, and Aquatic Life Threatened by Gross Underestimate of Toxicity of World’s Most Widely Used Pesticide » Focusing on Wildlife [123 Views]
  17. Costa Rica Photo Journal by Don Getty – Part 1 of 3 » [122 Views]
  18. Asiatic cheetahs: on the road to extinction? » [120 Views]
  19. Elephant massacre in the Congo » [117 Views]
  20. A lifetime with elephants: an interview with Iain Douglas-Hamilton » [109 Views]

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    • Yes, all different species on one flower branch. Some people may overlook the female on the far left, because of her camouflage colours and hanging upside down 🙂


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