Birds of Morocco, first morning

This is a common bulbul video.

15 December 2010.

After our arrival yesterday, first today, the centre of Inezgane, a suburb of Agadir.

We see birds living close to houses here. House sparrows. Collared doves. And a common bulbul.

Then, to the Oued Sous river delta. Many magpies: the blue-eyed Moroccan subspecies.

This video says about itself:

Quite common near Agadir. A very distinctive bird. Agadir, Morocco, May 2010.

An osprey eating a big fish on a sandbank.

Many grey herons and little egrets.

A black-tailed godwit.

A female stonechat in a bush.

A great grey shrike on top of another bush.

Spanish sparrows in a leafless tree.

A black-winged stilt. A spoonbill.

A male stonechat.

On a wall, a black redstart.

Ten meter to its left on that wall, a pied wagtail.

A Sardinian warbler.

A migrant from Europe, a chiffchaff.

A kestrel flying to an electric light pole.

A common sandpiper.

Dorcas gazelle

On the other side of the river, three Dorcas gazelle.

Over a hundred serins in a leafless tree.

A Barbary falcon sitting high in a higher tree.

A bluethroat.

A great egret. Greater flamingos.

Four Barbary partridges on a stony hill.

A redshank and a black-winged stilt flying away together.

Barn swallows flying.

We arrive at the Atlantic ocean.

On the beach: lesser black-winged gulls and yellow-legged gulls.

Five sanderlings flying.

Two great cormorants.

A juvenile gannet above the sea.

Sandwich terns near the river mouth.

Black-headed gulls.

As we walk back: a squacco heron and a curlew.

Birds in the province around Agadir: here.

Greig-Smith, P. W. (2014). Use of habitats by resident and migrant birds in and around a golf course on the Atlantic coast of Morocco. Bird Study 61(1): 111–120. doi:10.1080/00063657.2014.882289: here.

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