Barnacle geese and nuthatch nest

This is a video, videod from the air, about the forests between Hilversum and Lage Vuursche in the Netherlands, where the A27 highway and Wasmeer lake nature reserve are.

Today, we went to the Wasmeer.

In the Wasmeer lake, a coot, barnacle geese and tufted ducks swim. Do the barnacle geese plan to nest here; or are they wintering here, and will they go on spring migration to the Arctic soon? Most barnacle geese nest in the Arctic, but since a few years, some nest in the Netherlands.

Sounds of great spotted woodpecker, willow warbler, jay and blackbird.

Just outside the hide, white nettles flowering.

A female chaffinch with nesting material in her bill sits on a branch.

A bit further, a song thrush sings.

So does a robin.

And a chiffchaff.

We are now in the Maartensdijkse bos forest, in Utrecht province.

A nuthatch flies to its nest in a hole in a tree.

A robin with nesting material in its bill.

Brimstone butterflies flying.

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