Carrion crow, jay, drive away buzzard

Today, first to the old harbour.

Few ducks today, just some mallards. At the hill above the harbour, my first small white butterfly of the year.

This video says about itself:

Common Buzzards (Buteo buteo) are fond of carrying and fiddling with bits of trees and other objects early in the nesting season – for nest-building, courtship, or just generally showing off. A favourite trick is to drop something in the hover, then dive and try to catch it – sometimes successfully.

In the sky above the cemetery entrance, a carrion crow repeatedly tries to drive away a buzzard.

Chaffinch and robin singing.

A jay sitting on a tree. On a higher tree, a female great spotted woodpecker looking for food.

Then, a jay drives a buzzard out of a tree. Is it the same buzzard as earlier at the entrance? Probably, as in both cases the buzzard has much white on the underside.

Then, my first swift of the year. Maybe it had migrated extra fast, to make sure of not missing May Day?

A blue tit on a tree.

5 thoughts on “Carrion crow, jay, drive away buzzard

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