Dutch wildlife film, over 600,000 visitors

This Dutch video is about how red foxes live in Oostvaardersplassen nature reserve in the Netherlands, from the film De Nieuwe Wildernis.

Dutch NOS TV reports that so far, wildlife film De Nieuwe Wildernis has brought 600,000 visitors to cinemas. This hardly ever happens with a wildlife film.

De Nieuwe Wildernis is the second Dutch movie attracting more than 600,000 visitors this year. Earlier, this happened to the romantic comedy Verliefd Op Ibiza.

20 thoughts on “Dutch wildlife film, over 600,000 visitors

  1. Reblogged this on metiefly and commented:
    Can you imagine what the fox must have been thinking – this is a great video that takes only a few seconds to watch. Thanks yet again to Petrel41 for sharing these great snippets


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