Rare Dutch ants discovery

This video says about itself:

ANTS – Nature’s Secret Power (Full)

They have inhabited our planet for millions of years, and yet no living creature seems more alien to us. Award-winning cameraman Wolfgang Thaler and Bert Hoelldobler, a leading ant authority, bring us face-to-face with the mysterious world of these social insects. Special macro film technology introduces us into the fascinating world of ants as no film did before.

Dutch conservation Natuurmonumenten reports about ants at their nature reserve Eerder Achterbroek.

This autumn, sixteen ant species were found there. They included two rare species: Formica pressilabris; and Formica truncorum.

Formica exsecta ants in the Netherlands: here.

New phylogenomic analyses suggest that ants and Apoidea (hunting wasps and bees) are more closely related than we had previously believed: here.

These ants can build floating rafts, resilient bridges and temporary shelters using nothing but their own bodies: here.

Ants stay clean by squirting substance out of their butts: here.

Scientists with freezer reveal secrets of fire-ant raft building: here.

Temnothorax americanus is a slavemaking ant found in northeastern America. In a new study, biologists examined the special relationship between the parasites and their host and made an exciting discovery: The ability of the host ants to defend themselves depends crucially on whether the raiding slavemakers come from an area with a successful or less successful parasite population: here.

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