Good Dutch wildlife news

This video is called Autumn Mushrooms and more Nature in Noord-Holland (2013). Photos shot last September ’13 on location Landgoed Elswout and Middenduin near Overveen, Netherlands .

Though not all goes well with wildlife in the Nertherlands, there are some successes.

As this report by Noord-Brabant province and the Dutch butterfly foundation writes today (translated):

Like, in North Brabant things go well for its populations of tree frog, spadefoot toad, smooth snake, black rampion, lousewort. Improving the habitat of the smooth snake also is a benefit for many other species such as nightjar, stonechat, chequered skipper and field cricket. On heathlands in North Brabant there are successes for species such as the marsh gentian and Alcon blue butterflies dependent on it.

18 thoughts on “Good Dutch wildlife news

  1. This is good news, and there’s not much good wildlife news around so I welcome it! These creatures may not be as glamorous as tigers, for example…but are equally precious!


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