More autumn mushrooms

Candlesnuff fungi and Ascotremella faginea, Elswout, 10 November 2013

Still, 10 November 2013, on Elswout estate. After earlier fungi, now later fungi. Like these candlesnuff fungi and Ascotremella faginea on an old tree stump. Like the earlier Elswout photos, this is a mobile phone photo.

On the same stump, also deer mushrooms.

Porcelain fungi, 10 November 2013

A bit further, porcelain fungi on a branch.

Bjerkandera adusta on a tree; crimped gill fungi on the same tree.

Buttery collybias.

Phlebia tremellosa, Elswout

Phlebia tremellosa.

Russula luteotacta

Finally, two Russula species. Russula luteotacta.

And bitter russula.

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