Fly, fungi, and moss

Ganoderma lipsienseThis is about an insect, fungi, and moss in the park to the south east of the city, in 2006.

On 23 April, the fly Agathomya wankowiczi proved to be present on the fungus Ganoderma lipsiense.

Also the deer mushroom was present; early in the year for this species!

On 21 May: the yellow fieldcap which usually is not there at other times of the year.

On 3 September, 67 fungi species were seen.

They included Lepiota bruneoincarnata; Lepiota leucothites; Psilocybe aurantiaca; Cyathus striatus; Paxillus filamentosus; and the very rare Amanita inopinata.

A week later, on 10 September, 16 species were seen which had not been seen on 3 September.

Including Allopsaliota geesterani, growing through a bicycle path surface.

And Trametes hirsutus, new for this park.

On 8 October, 53 species.

Including Hygrocybe ceracea.

And Hygrocybe miniata; Hygrocybe conica; and Hygrocybe colemanniana (never before found in the west of The Netherlands).

Also: Leccinum scaber and Hygrophoropsis macrospora.

The last time of the year, 5 November, 66 species were found.

Including Russula betularum; Russula graveolens; Clavulinopsis subtilis.

Pholiota gummosa

And Pholiota gummosa, last seen here over ten years ago.

Laccaria purpureobadia was a completely new species for the park.

On 16 September, the rare moss species Brachythecium mildeanum was found.

Source for this: Daucallium 2007, #1; p.12-13, by Hans Adema; and p. 15, by Wim Vlasveld.

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