Autumn mushrooms, continued

Jelly ears, Elswout, 10 November 2013

10 November 2013. After the earlier fungi in the Elswout woodlands came later fungi. Like these jelly ears; including young ones, on a fallen branch.

A bit further, buttery collybias.

Strict-branch coral fungi, Elswout

Still further along the footpath, strict-branch coral fungi.

False blusher, Elswout

And a false blusher mushroom.

White saddle, Elswout

In the same patch, a white saddle fungus.

And white coral fungi; with behind them, on a fallen branch, Plicaturopsis crispa.

We continued. Lactarius fluens.

Buttery collybias, Elswout

And buttery collybias again; this time more fit for photography.

On a branch, granular jelly roll fungi.

In a ditch, mallards. Egyptian geese on the bank.

Clouded agarics in a circle.

On a tree, bleeding oak crust and yellowing curtain crust.

Stay tuned, there will be more on Elswout fungi on this blog.

Fungi photos from Meijendel, the Netherlands: here.

Ramaria roellinii in Berkheide, the Netherlands: here.

Stereum gausapatum photo: here.

Ramaria myceliosa var. microspora and Ramaria abietina var. valida photos: here.

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