Pinochet criminal money investigation in Chile

This video from the USA says about itself:

Protesting Pinochet With Craft: Arpilleras at the Museum of Tolerance

Mar 5, 2013

Artist Francisco Letelier shows how protest can create great art with his exhibit of arpilleras, used by Chilean women to protest the Pinochet regime.

From the blog Cachando Chile: Reflections on Chilean Culture:

Arpillera (pronounced ahr-pee-YAIR-ah) literally means burlap, and in this context it refers to a design appliquéd on burlap. Violeta Parra, the famous Chilean singer, folklorist, and artist, is often credited as the original arpillerista, although hers (like the famous Isla Negra arpilleras) are heavily embroidered and not appliqued.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

No charges brought after probe into Pinochet loot

Tuesday 06 August 2013

Lawyers and progressives expressed disappointment today after a nine-year investigation into how late dictator General Augusto Pinochet illegally enriched himself ended with no charges being brought against his family.

Judge Manuel Antonio Valderrama said his decision not to charge any family members was open to appeal.

Six former military officers have been charged over money that was stashed in a number of overseas bank accounts, said to amount to around £14 million.

Plaintiffs have argued that the dictator embezzled the money from the state after he seized power in a brutal coup 40 years ago and headed a regime that tortured and murdered thousands of left-wing activists and trade unionists.

But investigators said they could not press charges since they could not identify the source of most of the loot.

Pinochet’s grandson Rodrigo Garcia whinged that despite the case ending in “nothing” the dirt on his mass-murdering granddad’s name would be “difficult to clean.”

11 thoughts on “Pinochet criminal money investigation in Chile

  1. Pretty shocking…
    His family should have had the LOT taken off them, and thrown on the street..

    So much for justice!


      • I have no doubt blood money was paid to make sure of this decision. This is how our World works.
        He should have been found guilty/lost the lot.

        Staggering decision!


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