Coup against Allende, new documents

By David T. Rowlands in Australia:

United States: New Kissinger transcripts declassified

31 October 2008

Former US diplomat Henry Kissinger’s recorded telephone conversations (“telecons”) relating to Chile in the early 1970s permit us to “eavesdrop on the most candid conversations of … US officials as they plotted covert intervention against a democratically elected government”, according to National Security Archive (NSA) scholar and The Pinochet File author Peter Kornbluh.

Four previously secret transcripts of Kissinger telcons have recently come to light, adding to an already irrefutable sequence of documentary evidence linking the highest levels of the US government to the destabilisation of the elected, left-wing Chilean government of Salvador Allende, and to the brutal 1973 coup by general Augusto Pinochet.

During his 1969-1977 tenure as national security advisor, Kissinger covertly recorded all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations.

The tapes were later destroyed, but not before Kissinger’s staff had methodically transcribed thousands of hours of dialogue with senior political figures, powerful corporate identities and leading players in the intelligence community. …

The fourth telcon, between Nixon and Kissinger, was recorded on July 4, 1973. The president and his chief foreign policy advisor indulge in a gangster-like venom session about Allende’s deteriorating position.

Although the US was unable to prevent the democratically-elected socialist leader from assuming office in 1970, the subsequent program of economic sabotage is now paying a dividend.

“I think that Chilean guy might have some problems”, mused a smug Nixon. “Oh, he has massive problems”, agreed Kissinger.

Nine weeks later, thousands had been killed by the newly installed Pinochet dictatorship and Chilean democracy had been extinguished, opening the way for US-backed extreme neoliberalism.

On November 30, a comprehensive collection of more than 15,000 declassified Kissinger telcons (and 158 White House tapes) will be published online by the NSA. These promise to provide a uniquely detailed insight into the machinations of a criminal foreign policy.

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