Greek government collapses because of its media censorship

This video from Ireland is called NUJ protest at Greek Embassy in solidarity with ERT media workers, Dublin, Ireland 13th June 2013.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Saturday, 22 June 2013

THE workers’ occupation of the Greek State TV and Radio (ERT) has led to the collapse of the Greek tripartite government.

Fotis Kouvelis, the leader of the Democratic Left, one of the junior government partners, stated late on Thursday night that his party’s ministers ‘are being withdrawn’ from the government.

The Greek right-wing Prime Minister Antonis Samaras broadcast a TV and radio statement past Thursday midnight, in which he stated that his government intends to carry on in a two-party coalition with the social-democratic party PASOK.

Samaras’ party and PASOK command 153 parliamentary deputies, a majority of just three in the Vouli (Greek parliament), although a few independent parliamentary deputies said that they would support the government.

Samaras insists that the order of the Council of State (Greek High Court) gave him the right to shut down ERT, sack all of its 2,800 employees and set up a new state TV network offering three-month contracts on ‘flexible’ working conditions to those who are willing.

The ERT workers’ union POSPERT issued a statement rejecting Samaras’ edict and calling on workers and youth to support the ERT occupation as it entered its 11th day on Friday.

About 200 journalists and media workers staged a protest on Thursday evening at the Council of State.

Both the European Commission’s Finance Commissioner Olli Rehn and the IMF have declared their total opposition to a general election which they say would be disastrous for Greece.

The Greek bourgeois press have printed stories that the EU and the IMF will ‘withhold’ bail-out money from Greece if a general election is called – so much for elections as the highest expression of democracy!

See also here.

A crisis-ridden Greek government, composed of New Democracy and PASOK, announced a new cabinet following the resignation of the Democratic Left from the coalition: here.

21 thoughts on “Greek government collapses because of its media censorship

      • History shows unfortunately that extreme forms of government followed by tyrants follows periods of political breakdown.


        • The majority of Greek voters voted against austerity.

          Nevertheless, there came a pro-austerity government.

          And Prime Minister Samaras now further underrmines democracy with his closing down of the ERT media.

          And the European Union says that they don’t want Greek voters to judge on this. Apparently, unelected bank fat cats should have more power than the Greek people, the “troika” says.


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