Greek police arrests media workers

This video from Athens, Greece is about police attacking broadcasting workers this morning.

Unfortunately, the Cameron government in Britain seems to be not the only government not knowing the difference between journalism and terrorism

By Anastasios Papapostolou in Greece on November 7, 2013:

Riot Police Raid Greek Public Broadcaster’s HQ in Athens to Evict ERT Protesters (video)

A sudden operation to evacuate the Greek National Broadcaster’s (ERT) headquarters was carried out by Greek riot police Thursday morning in Athens, Greece.

Greek riot police forces, accompanied by a public prosecutor, gathered around the ERT building in the Agia Paraskevi area at about 4:20 am and then proceeded to the entrance of the building asking employees to leave the premises.

Fired workers of the national broadcaster ERT – which was shut down on June 11 by the government – had been operating from their old headquarters via satellite and over the Internet demanding the reopening of ERT when police went through every single room of the building and pushed them outside the premises. Four union members were detained, among them Nikos Tsimbidas, a representative of the ERT employees union Pospert.

The government had described their decision to stay in the building of their former employer as illegal occupation of public property. Greek government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou said that the police did its job to help the government take control of a building that belongs to the Greek State. Deputy minister for public television Pantelis Kapsis stated that he wasn’t aware of the operation, since the ministry of public order was in charge.

Greek riot police has blocked all entrances of the ERT headquarters while journalists still remain outside the building together with riot police. Members of the Greek Parliament are also outside the ERT building and are demanding to enter the headquarters. Police does not allow anybody to enter the building.

After the operation, crowds of supporters started rallying outside the main ERT building. A witness told Greek Reporter that “an increasing number of people are gathering outside the building to show support to the former ERT employees.”

Τear gas is being thrown to clear people’s gathering outside the national television #ERT ‘s building.” reported a former ERT employee on twitter.

“The battle for democracy and social justice which ERT workers have been fighting for more than four months, has reached its most crucial moment,” read a message on ERT’s Facebook page inviting people to protest with them. “It’s time to act, rally now!”

Police together with the prosecutor and a representative of the employees are inside the building to check on equipment and register the company’s inventory. The prosecutor said that the person responsible for ERT’s inventory now is the ”brigadier general” of the police forces.

Former employees have stated that the buildings and inventory of the headquarters were intact by them.

This story is being updated as the operation continues.

See also here.

As EU and IMF officials travelled to Athens for new talks on austerity measures, thousands of workers marched against mass layoffs, tax increases and cuts in social spending. A 24-hour strike yesterday paralysed much of the country: here.

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