Greek media censorship continuing

This video, recorded in Athens, Greece, is called Ongoing protest outside ERT HQ in Athens.

From daily The Morning Star in Britain:

Cracks in coalition over ongoing ERT shutdown

Wednesday 19 June 2013

Greece’s junior coalition partners ramped up the pressure today on conservative Prime Minister Antonis Samaras to put state broadcaster ERT back on the airwaves.

Pasok and Democratic Left were due to meet Mr Samaras last night to press him to obey a court order to turn the channel back on.

But neither the court nor the “left” parties oppose the coalition’s wider aim, which is to restructure ERT and sack most of its 2,700 workers.

Media unions launched a legal case against Greece’s finance and media ministers today, accusing them of violating the high court ruling.

Sacked staff continue to occupy ERT headquarters and massive rallies have become a daily occurrence.

Workers have continued broadcasting on the Greek Communist Party‘s channels, but the party has warned the signal is regularly being cut by the private service provider.

See also here.

OVER 10,000 workers and youth gathered at the occupied ERT (State TV and Radio) grounds on Wednesday evening on the 9th day and night of the fight to keep ERT open and functioning against the dictatorial edict of the Greek tripartite parliamentary junta: here.

GREECE quietly ushered in new state-run broadcaster NERIT to replace the popular ERT at the weekend. The muted launch of the new broadcaster reflected the strength of the public indignation at the closure of its predecessor last June as part of draconian budget cuts: here.

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