Greek workers occupy government buildings

The front of Tuesday’s Athens march of local government workers

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 11 July 2013


SCORES of town halls in the metropolitan Athens-Piraeus area were being occupied by municipal workers on Wednesday morning following a decision by the POE-OTA federation of local government trade unions.

The action comes after two days of mass demonstrations of local government workers along with municipal police in Athens against the Greek government’s decision to sack at once 12,500 workers: the entire municipal police throughout Greece, all 2,500 school guards and thousands of teachers and civil servants on the diktats of the troika overlords EC-IMFECB.

The Greek two-party coalition government, branded as a junta by Greek workers, sacked all these workers after a mere decision of the Reforms Minister K. Mitsotakis without any discussion in the Vouli (Greek parliament); he admitted that he gave a full list with all the 12,500 sacked workers’ names to the troika representatives in Athens.

Trade union leaders supporters of SYRIZA (the Coalition of the Radical Left party) have called on the trade union leaders to call a one-day general strike on 18th July, the day the German Finance Minister visits Athens.

See also here. And here.

Striking police officers brought traffic to a standstill across central Athens today: here.

10 thoughts on “Greek workers occupy government buildings

  1. Staff occupy city hall in cuts rally

    Thursday 11 July 2013

    Greece: Protesting council workers blockaded Thessaloniki city hall today in protest at new austerity measures that will see thousands of public-sector workers lose their jobs.

    They unfurled a large banner reading “occupied” over the entrance. Occupations were reported across Greece.

    In Athens thousands of protesters marched on parliament, where the measures will be voted on next week.


  2. ‘Greek Public sector workers plan 24-hour general strike

    Public sector workers are to walk off the job in a 24-hour general strike July 16, in protest against the government’s latest plan to cut thousands of jobs as a down payment to the international banks.

    The strike could coincide with a parliamentary vote on measures required by the European Union and International Monetary Fund as a condition for the next tranche of Greece’s loan. Among the government measures are job cuts for school guards and other local government posts. Unemployment in Greece is almost 27 percent, twice the eurozone average.

    On Wednesday, workers blocked the entrance to Athens’ main City Hall as well as the town halls of other districts around the capital such as Nikaia, Elliniko and Aghios Dimitrios. Municipal workers are protesting the government plan to reduce the number of civil servants, which also includes some 4,200 teachers, school janitors and ministry employees on line for possible dismissal by the end of this month. Athens has promised to cut an additional 15,000 jobs by the end of next year.


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