Scottish golden eagle on camera trap

This video from Britain is called Real birds eye view! Golden Eagle in flight – Animal Camera – BBC.

From Wildlife Extra:

Golden eagle caught on camera trap in the Trossachs

May 2013. A golden eagle in a Trossachs glen chose to perch in front of a remote camera trap placed by the Woodland Trust Scotland. The cameras are triggered by motion and take photographs of animals passing in front of them.

Richard Eadington, the Trust’s ranger at Glen Finglas said: “We’re using the remote cameras to get a good picture of the wildlife that can be found on the estate. It’s virtually impossible for a person to get that close to an eagle in the wild and using the cameras give us a chance to see what is going on when there is no-one around.

Black grouse and pine marten

“So far we’ve managed to get pictures of wildlife including black grouse and pine martens, and I would love to track down a wildcat. We’re really grateful for the fantastic support from players of People’s Postcode Lottery who have provided the cameras.”

Golden eagles can be seen all year round in wild and upland areas of Scotland. Their wing span can reach more than 2 metres, making ‘goldies’ one of the largest birds of prey.

Glen Finglas estate sweeps from just below the summit of Ben Ledi down to the shores of Loch Venacher and offers scenic walks ranging from 15 minutes to 15 miles. It is part of The Great Trossachs Forest, one of the most significant woodland regeneration projects to take place in a generation.

September 2013. There have been several reported sightings of a very large raptor, believed to be a Golden eagle, in North Devon in the last month or two. A pet bird from Escot Park did go missing for a week in July, but returned to Escot: here.

September 2013. A camera trap set out for endangered Siberian (Amur) tigers in the Russian Far East photographed something far more rare: a golden eagle capturing a young sika deer: here.

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