14 thoughts on “Bahrain dictatorship attacks May Day march

  1. IANS

    Dubai, April 30: A 35-year-old Indian man in Bahrain was stabbed, allegedly by one of his employers, in a row after he went to collect his passport.

    Radhakrishnan Thankappan Nair sustained injuries in his hand and shoulder and is being kept in the intensive care unit of the Salmaniya Medical Complex in Bahrain’s capital, Manama, the Gulf Daily News reported Monday.

    According to the report, when Nair, hailing from Thiruvananthapuram in India’s Kerala state, went to get his passport ahead of a planned holiday, his employer allegedly told him that he would get it only if he signed a blank document.

    At this, a row broke out.

    “The employee accuses his employer of attacking him during a dispute over passport,” the report cited Bahrain’s interior ministry sources as saying.

    “He came out of the office with a torn shirt and blood on it, but the employer denies it and accuses him of hurting himself. A probe is under way to find the actual cause of the fight.”

    While members of the Malayalee community have visited Nair in hospital, the Indian embassy in Bahrain is also investigating the matter.

    Nair has been working in this company, based at Mina Salman, for six years now.

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