Bahrain, torture kingdom

This video says about itself:

British Concern for Rights of Bahraini Prisoners

The treatment of prisoners in Bahrain has been condemned by parliamentarians and human rights groups at a meeting at the House of Lords. Confessions obtained through torture, trials by military courts and a lack of access to lawyers were criticised and support for victims offered.

Human Rights Watch demands Bahrain immediately probe numerous allegations of torture, saying its refusal could signal the country has become a haven for torturers. This comes as six more tweeters get jail terms for ‘abusing freedom of expression’: here.

Bahraini authorities should immediately investigate allegations that officials are torturing activists in detention. The authorities should ensure that no evidence secured by torture is used against detainees: here.

Prince Charles has joined with Formula One and CNN in supporting the torturing, murderous dictatorial regime in Bahrain. His Prince’s Foundation for Building Community and the UK Foreign Office have signed a deal to advise the regime on housing policy, an area of particular contention (Bahrain’s persecuted Shia minority majority are systematically discriminated against in the southern territory where Charles’s project is sited; they say housing goes instead to imported guard labor from abroad): here.

Six Twitter users have been sentenced to a year in prison each by a Bahrain court today for allegedly insulting King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa on the micro-blogging site: here.

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