Turkish regime kills May Day demonstrator

May Day demonstrators in Turkey

From Hürriyet Daily News in Turkey today:

Thousands mark International Workers’ Day in Turkey amidst heavy security

Thousands of people gathered in the bazaar area in Istanbul’s Bakırköy district to mark International Workers’ Day on May 1.

The celebrations started around 1 p.m. with the participation of political parties, unions and non-governmental organizations.

The police conducted security checks in the entrance of the bazaar area, while the police helicopters patrolled the area.

Tight security measures were taken at the metro and bus stations that are on the route to Bakırköy, in the gathering spots for participants and union members, on roads the groups will use to march to the meeting area and in the rally’s meeting spot.

The posters that the participants carried were also checked by police and ones deemed inappropriate weren’t allowed in the area.

A mobile command and a crisis center were set in the Bakırköy courthouse, which is close to the bazaar area, by Istanbul police headquarters.

Water cannon vehicles (TOMA), police helicopters and trained dogs supported some 6,000 police officers, including bomb disposal specialists.

Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DİSK) Chairman Kani Beko, Confederation of Public Sector Trade Unions (KESK) Head Lami Özgen and the board of directors head of the Union of Chambers of Turkish Engineers and Architects (TMMOB), Mehmet Soğancı, were due to speak at the event.

“I hope that May Day will be celebrated with poems, songs and flowers in Bakırköy and in all areas across Turkey,” Beko told Anadolu Agency before the celebrations.

Meanwhile, an argument erupted between the police and the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP) at a checkpoint while the latter was walking towards the bazaar area.

The police dispersed HDP members using tear gas, while a former HDP lawmaker, Sebahat Tuncel was also hit by the gas.

The one person that was injured was taken to the hospital and several people were detained.

Tuncel then spoke to the police and the group was then allowed in the area. …

Up to 15,000 policemen, three police helicopters and 120 water cannon vehicles (TOMA) were on duty across Istanbul, as part of security precautions that will consist of four levels, security sources told Anadolu Agency on April 28.

Also on May 1, police used water cannons to disperse a group of around 40 protesters gathering for a May Day rally near Taksim Square – a symbolic yet contested venue that remains prohibited on International Workers’ Day.

The group of protesters, meeting near the Divan Hotel close to Taksim Square and carrying banners of “Halkevleri” (People’s Houses), were dispersed by police using water cannons.

Also from Hürriyet Daily News:

Sunday,May 1 2016

Man hit by police water cannon dies in Istanbul’s Taksim

A man hit by a water cannon security vehicle (TOMA) died in Istanbul’s Beyoğlu district on May 1, Doğan News Agency reported.

The 57-year-old Nail Mavuş was hit by a TOMA while crossing the street in the Tarlabaşı area of Beyoğlu, near Taksim Square.

The heavily wounded Mavuş was taken to a hospital in Istanbul’s Şişli district, where he succumbed to his wounds.

Police took strict security measures around Taksim with TOMAs and thousands of police officers, in order to prevent groups trying to celebrate International Workers’ Day from entering Taksim Square.

A small group of May 1 demonstrators in Turkey’s Aegean province of İzmir took off their clothes in protest at the police’s insistence on conducting body searches before allowing them inside the square where International Workers’ Day celebrations are being held. The group was protesting against police checkpoints and mandatory body checks by removing their clothes before entering İzmir’s central Gündoğdu Square: here.

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