British Conservative weapons for al-Qaeda in Syria

This Voice of America video is called AL QAEDA JOINS JIHAD IN SYRIA.

From daily News Line in Britain:

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cameron wants to intervene in Syria!

AT the same time as Foreign Secretary Hague has been insisting publicly that the UK will not supply arms and ammunition to their Syrian surrogates, the UK has been seeking to end the EU veto over direct arms supplies to the Syrian jihadists.

Now PM Cameron has spoken up to openly reveal the real UK policy. This is that the UK will veto the continuation of the EU’s no-arms policy for Syria in May when it comes up for a vote.

Cameron said that since the UK is ‘still an independent country’ … Britain would go it alone in supplying the missiles, artillery and tanks that the jihadists are demanding.

Questioned by the House of Commons Liaison Committee, made up of senior MPs, Cameron said: ‘I hope that we can persuade our European partners, if and when a further change becomes necessary, and that they will agree with us.

‘But if we can’t, then it’s not out of the question we might have to do things in our own way. It’s possible.’

He added the UK was ‘still an independent country’ and ‘we can have an independent foreign policy’.

Cameron for good measure alluded to his alliance with the jihadists saying, ‘It’s worth standing back and asking “Why are we doing this?” It seems that if we want to help bring about a transition in Syria, we have to work with opposition groups.’

For good measure he continued: ‘It may be that doing nothing will see the level of jihadism get worse.’

Cameron is consciously supporting the same jihadist trends that killed the US ambassador in Benghazi and British workers in Algeria! Because of his policy, Brits cannot set foot in North Africa or the Middle East.

In fact, it is not only the Saudis and Qataris who have been sending arms, ammunition and fighters to Syria to tear down the Assad regime as part of the US plan for attacking Iran.

Croatian newspapers have been full of the news that thousands of tonnes of arms have been sent from Croatia and other Balkan states to Syria in an operation organised by the US, assisted by the UK.

Now Cameron wants to go all the way and send British arms and ammunition and no doubt, after that, British troops in a desperate effort to kill Assad.

This is what is being prepared in a number of ways. One of them is the visit of Prince Charles and his wife to a Jordanian refugee camp to weep over the fate of refugees that the British government has created with its policies, and intends to continue with.

Madeleine Albright, the US Secretary of State in the period leading up to the war with Iraq, regarded the killing of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi children with vicious UN sanctions as a price worth paying for creating a situation where the US-UK could carry out regime change in Iraq and murder Saddam.

The same is true of the UK government today. Its jihadist allies are destroying Syria and making masses of refugees. Cameron and Hague consider that the sufferings of the refugees are also a price worth paying if it helps to get rid of Assad. This is why they are proposing to step up the war with direct intervention, creating many more refugees, as the US-UK did in Iraq.

The UK trade unions must warn Cameron that they will not tolerate UK intervention into Syria and will stop it and bring down the government with a general strike.

Our enemy is at home. The same ruling class that is smashing Syria is seeking to smash the NHS and the Welfare State.

At least 50 French citizens ‘waging jihad in Syria’: here.

Britain and France seek end to arms embargo on Syria: here.

Call to War: German-Language Video Promotes ‘Jihad’ in Syria: here.

Dutch VVD party supports al-Qaeda: here.

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