If opposed to ISIS in Iraq, then …

This video from the USA says about itself:

22 February 2014

“The U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost taxpayers $4 trillion to $6 trillion, taking into account the medical care of wounded veterans and expensive repairs to a force depleted by more than a decade of fighting, according to a new study by a Harvard researcher.

In many countries, people react with horror to the violence of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) against Yazidis, Christians, Shia Muslims, Sunni Muslims who disagree with ISIS ultra-orthodoxy, secularists and others.

What should one do if one does not want ISIS?

1. Don’t have alliances with Al Qaeda, from which ISIS originated.

In the 1980s, the Saudi and United States ‘intelligence’ establishments helped Osama Bin Laden to found Al Qaeda, to fight their war in Afghanistan.

In 2011, Al Qaeda and similar fanatical groups were allies of the United States ‘intelligence’ establishment’s war for ‘regime change’ in Libya. What a pity they later bit the hand that fed them, and murdered the US ambassador to Libya.

Meanwhile, Al Qaeda had also become CIA allies in the bloody war in Syria.

2. Don’t start war on Iraq like George W Bush and Tony Blair did in 2003.

In Iraq, before George W Bush invaded in 2003, there had not been any Al Qaeda (in reality; contrary to the fantasy of Bush’s pretext for war of falsely linking Iraq to 9/11 terrorism). Now, after a decade of United States war in Iraq under the ‘war on terror‘ pretext, there is not just Al Qaeda, but also its still more violent spin-off ISIS. The establishment warmongers may try to run from their responsibility for the present bloodshed; but they can’t hide.

3. Don’t start war on Syria, helping Al Qaeda and ISIS, like warmongers in the USA and elsewhere tried in 2013; but failed because of overwhelming public opposition to war.

4. Don’t send weapons and other support to jihadis in Syria, like happens through CIA and other channels.

5. Don’t support Iraqi government violence against peaceful Arab Spring demonstrators, which plays into the hands of ISIS.

6. Don’t do arms deals with, don’t have cozy relationships with, governments like of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Bahrain. In these countries there is violent oppression of the people, and there are also main sources of fighters and money for ISIS.

7. Don’t ‘help’ Yazidi refugees in northern Iraq by military planes dropping food and water  onto the mountains ‘from 15,000ft without parachutes and exploding on impact.’ Let civilian agencies, more competent than this, help the refugees.

8. Don’t ‘help’ Yazidis by re-starting the Iraq war of the United States and other NATO countries. That war killed thousands of United States soldiers and left thousands of US soldiers injured. That war led to over a million Iraqi civilians dead, millions injured, and millions of refugees. “The Christian population in Iraq has plummeted to 400,000, down from about 1.5 million before the 2003 U.S.-led invasion of Iraq.”

9. Stop fiscal privileges for Christian fundamentalists like the American Family Association, who, agreeing with ISIS, consider Yazidis ‘devil worshipers’.

10. Stop fiscal privileges for Christian fundamentalists like Pat Robertson, who preach international escalation of the bloody fighting in Iraq.

Political crisis grips Baghdad as US escalates intervention: here.

12 thoughts on “If opposed to ISIS in Iraq, then …

  1. Dropping food/water from 15 thousand feet seems as if those who drop this food do not want to get the food to these people? whats the point? I presume the pilots are intelligent?.
    I also heard the food could not be dropped because the people were in the way? what’s going on?
    The remains of people in Ukraine, from the plane at 22 thousand feet? already shot up, what would be left of these bodies? its all weird, yet the Australian government want these bodies to be returned, the news is all becoming so peculiar.


    • Many of the bodies of the passengers are identifiable, some have already been identified in the Netherlands. So, it is not strange that the Australian government wants the bodies returned. What IS stranger is that the Australian government insists that East Ukrainians/Russia are most certainly guilty in this. While the Kiev government broke promises to the Dutch government not to fight near the area where the dead bodies are. While the Australian government claims East Ukrainians/Russia shot down the plane, the government of Malaysia, most closedy involved in this terible tragedy, suggests Kiev government armed forces shot it down:



      • The Kief government are backed by America, as far as I know, if so the American government are implicated, Tony Abbott, is a lap dog to what American policies dictates, he wants to be seen as keen boy, and jumps when the Master whistles.
        It is suspicious that no forensic evidence has been analysed as to what the cause of destruction is, it is not good enough to say they could not get to wreckage, as it is all around, the silence on this issue is pertinent, also Israel is suspect.
        I have attempted to find what the condition of a body falling from 22 thousand feet, with no success, other than DNA, I do not think much else exists, what constitutes remains? is it flesh particles? my problem with the location of bodies, as a ritual of paramount importance, to us, is other than cultural ideology, it is strange so many dying world wide that are equal as atrocities are to numerous and never mentioned, other than a statistics.


        • “As photos from the MH17 debris field near Gravobo, Ukraine, have shown, many of the victims’ bodies appeared completely intact after falling from a great altitude.”


          The relationship between the Kiev and US governments does not mean automatically that the US government ordered to shoot down the plane. Client states sometimes do things on their own, independent from the “master” governments. Like, the Pentagon in 2012-2013 did not like their allies Turkey and Israel quarreling while the Pentagon prepared intervention in Syria.

          As for Israeli involvement in the MH17 disaster, that looks like an untrue conspiracy theory.

          The Israeli government are not enthusiastic followers of the NATO warhawks on Russia/Ukraine:

          “Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman made clear Tuesday that Israel intended to refrain from taking a firm position on the Ukrainian crisis, saying there is “no lack” of problems with which to contend in the Middle East.

          “Our basic position is that we hope Russia and Ukraine will find a way as quickly as possible to normalize relations, and find a way to talks, and to solve all the problems peacefully,” he said at a Jerusalem press conference with visiting Austrian Foreign Minister Sebastian Kurz.

          “We will support all efforts to solve this issue in the fastest way possible, without confrontation or friction.”

          Israel has tried to remain out of the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, not taking public sides with Ukraine and the US in the matter, out of concern that this would anger Moscow and redound negatively on Israel’s security concerns in the region, specifically Syria and Iran.

          This position has raised some eyebrows in Washington, with State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki saying last week the US was surprised Israel did not participate in a UN General Assembly vote on the matter last month.”



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